Rotary Pvc/pcu Air Blowing Machine For Making Single And Double Color Slipper,sandal,shoes In Thermaplastic

Place of Origin:china
Model Number:LTY-S-M
FOB Price: ( Negotiable )
Minimum Order Quantity :1 Set
Packaging Details :wooden case
Delivery Time :30 days after getting your payment
Payment Type :T/T, L/C, D/P, Western Union, Money Gram, PayPal, Other



1.This machine has special air blowing device, and is suitable for thermoplastic raw materials, such as PVC,PCU,TPR etc. The products are light, soft and with a shining surface.
2.It's environmental and can mix use the reclaimed materials, but the product quality is equally same to the finished product which injected by new materials.
3..Compact design, space-saving footprint and high rate of finished products.
4.The data is calculated by the PLC/PC, making the energy precisely controlled. it has stable movement, fast speed and high rate of finished product.
5.The unique design can inject one pair one mold finished products, which increase the production a lot.

Technical terms 型式 UNIT JL-108
Screw diameter 射出螺旋径 mm 65
Max. injection volume 最大射出容量 cm3 650
Heating bands power 电热容量 kw 7
Temperature control 温度控制 point 4
Screwrotation speed 螺旋回转数 r.p.m 0-200
Max.Injection stroke 射出行程 mm 210
Motor 油泵马力 hp 25
Clamping force 夹模力 tons 80
Work stations 最大容模数 stations 24
Space for mould 模具最大尺寸 mm(LxWxH) 420x280x260
Machinedimension 机器尺寸 mm(LxWxH) 4200x3500x1650
Installation dimension 安装尺寸 mm(LxWxH) 4600x3600x2300
Machine weight 机器重量 kg 5500